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Dash better than Bitcoin?

Bitcoin made a revolution and it doesn't matter how good new cryptocurrencies are — they will always be compared to the legend. However, in terms of unbiased assessment there are many currencies that could be better and safer than Bitcoin. Moreover, some of them could have much better outlook since it's just impossible to predict what happens next to a new cryptocurrency. Will it go up or drop down? Will I earn on it or will I invest in a black hole?

Dash is a cryptocurrency created in the beginning of 2014. Its former names are Darkcoin and XCoin. It works on the basis of Bitcoin code and Dash developers never tried to deny that. Actually, they say that their goal was to use something that works fine and make it work better.

Nowadays Dash is quite a popular cryptocurrency widely used all around the world. You can buy goods and services with Dash in lots of online stores and you can easily sell, buy or change Dash on nearly any exchange services.

Is Dash different?

When saying that they want to improve the existing basis used in Bitcoin Dash developers said the truth. They made lots of changes indeed. Due to that fact many users consider Dash as a safer and generally better investment solution than Bitcoin.

Firstly, Dash has two-fold architecture. It lets developers quickly introduce updates and improvements. Therefore Dash is a quickly evolving system that can keep up the quick pace of cryptocurrencies evolution.

Secondly, Dash guarantees better anonymity than Bitcoin and probably than any other cryptocurrency. The Darksend mechanism provides incredible secure of personal information. There are no publications and traces in the block chains like in the Bitcoin system meaning that a transaction made with Dash simply cannot be available to a third party.

Thirdly, Dash operates on the basis of the Masternodes system using special nodes (servers) in the network. Before transferring coins a user can select the needed number of rounds of mixing — typically from to eight, but it's possible to choose more. It guarantees higher level of anonymity. And it's not that easy to create a Masternode and use it for fraud — when creating such a Masternode a user is supposed to make a deposit of 1000 Dash coins. So there is just no sense it trying to swindle money out of other users' pockets with such a method.

Finally, Dash has much lower commissions that Bitcoin. Commissions are applied individually and quite often a user doesn't have to pay them at all. We highly recommend you to check the Dash official website for that.

Dash — pros and cons

We have just enlisted the advantages of Dash by comparing it to Bitcoin. High speed of transactions could be added as well — usually transactions are instant without any delay.

Dash is now the 7th biggest cryptocurrency according to the capitalization and it's both an advantage and a disadvantage — there are at least six more popular cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Monero and Ethereum Classic.

Dash capitalization is about $65,800 000, but Bitcoin capitalization is more than $11,400 000 000! The difference is definitely significant. Anyway, Dash is a constantly evolving cryptocurrency which has all the chances to climb higher within a couple of years.

We should also mention another disadvantage of Dash — there are no official tools or method for buying Dash coins. One could do it on numerous exchange services but Dash developers don't guarantee security of such methods. They are now working on it, but the result is still unknown. So when purchasing Dash please be attentive and do such operations only on exchange services with the excellent reputation.

How and then to use Dash

It's really easy to start using Dash. Just download the wallet, install it and here you are. There are both PC and mobile Dash clients available.

Dash is a great choice when you need to make an international transaction. Dash is available globally and there are no problems for sending money abroad. Furthermore, you would hardly find a system with smaller commissions than Dash.

The same thing can be told about paying or accepting Dash for goods and services. Owners or online stores and active buyers could save a lot due to small commissions. Actually, quite often it happens that there is no commission at all.

Dash could also be an efficient investment tool. This cryptocurrency doesn't depend that much on international political and economical situation. The main factor it depends on is demand which has been remaining high during the entire Dash history.

People who earn by exchange rate differences could find Dash an attractive tool for getting money. It's not too volatile, however sometimes there are rapid changes in the exchange rates — usually temporary ones — and you may gain decent profit.

Everyone who prefers paying and getting funds with 100% anonymity could consider Dash for it. It's quite challenging to find a cryptocurrency with better anonymity and security today.


Cryptocurrencies total capitalization has been rapidly growing since Bitcoin appearance. We have no doubts that it will keep growing in the future including the long term. More and more people are now involved in operations with cryptocurrencies which is not surprising at all. An opportunity to send and receive money anonymously, without delays and high commissions looks attractive for any Internet user.

Dash is a system that has been developing gradually, without fuss and hurrying. It didn't make a boom like Bitcoin, but it offers many new things which are not available in other cryptocurrencies like incredibly low fees, perfect anonymity and security. Dash operates in almost all countries of the world meaning that you can instantly send money to a user from another part of the globe. No ID controls, no additional verifications — nothing delays the transaction as it does when you send money in a bank.

We cannot say that Dash is definitely a cryptocurrency of the future, but we are sure that it is a reasonable solution for investing your money.

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