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Getting debit/credit Visa and MasterCard

Description of credit/debit cards, how to get money via Visa/MasterCard

How does it work

Basically, banks can issue credit/debit cards. It's easy for them to do it. They realize that sometimes a person can't get a credit card or that young people need to build up a credit history. So instead of giving them a credit card they issue credit/debit cards from the big companies. This allows for consumers to use the bank as their source and not overrun their own credit. Consumers put money down on their cards and then use them like debit cards with certain credit card advantages. The banks and companies that get bank cards to issue are really making it a boon for online sales as it allows people to purchase items and services. Companies like PayPal issue such cards and you can find dozens of companies that do likewise. You have money transfers as well but you use the card to make purchases online or at retail stores that honor the VISA and MasterCard companies.

What can you do with these cards

As mentioned above, these debit/credit VISA and MasterCard cards are the real deal. They allow for you to make purchases at retail stores and at online venues. The issuing of these cards sure saved the internet. Without these expansions of credit/debit VISA and MasterCards there would be no internet commerce, e-commerce as it's called, and there wouldn't be the world we live in. Let's say that the internet only accepted credit/debit VISA/MasterCards from the primary lenders. Nowadays most people couldn't get one and that means no business on the web. By going to a site like PayPal or any of the other popular wire transfer sites you can get a debit/credit card with no major credit checks or other nonsense. It means however that you'll have to be far more responsible with these cards than you would be with the standard ones. The reason is because these cards require you to put money on them and there is no borrowing allowed. That's right, you have all the power of purchase and you can even get a merchant's account to do business online or wire money to friends, relatives, and employees but it's your money not someone else's. The fees are low too. Far lower than with standard debit/credit cards. This is awesome for kids in college, family members and friends who you like to exchange money with. For the young adults it's a situation that you'll know they can't mess up their money or damage their credit that would call for mom and dad to rescue them.

Just think of the kids out at the mall. They've got their cards with them and they're going shopping. Well what would happen if they suddenly saw that ale. That must have item that makes them drool and bulge their eyes? Let's say that item costs $50 and they've only got $40. Well they'lll have to wait until they put more money on their card. They can call you and you can easily send them money in seconds from your card issuer's secure server. Now let's say the same scenario happens to you. You're out and about and perhaps need some money for gas and other items. You're out on a limb and the way to handle things is to call home or a friend who has the same bank card issuer and they can easily transfer money to you saving the day.

That's the convenience of these cards. Easy to set up, fill out the application and then wait for your card or cards in the mail. You can even get sets for your family members. Loading money onto these cards vary. You can transfer money from your bank account to your cards that takes a few days, you can even go to popular stores like Rite Aid and 7/11 where you have cards you can pick up that allows you to put money on your card right there at the store. There's a small fee like around $5 but it's a small price to pay to put lots of money on your card conveniently.

What's also a plus is that you can use these cards at any ATM where VISA and MasterCard are welcomed. That means worldwide and with your computer or smartphone you can look at your balances, send and receive money, do all the things a standard debit/credit card can do.

Why you should get these cards

Basically we're talking convenience, safety, and peace of mind. That's what these cards bring you. You know you can use them at any store, website, ATM, and that you can then not worry about that you've got a card or that your family has cards to keep you rolling along and not have to go through all sorts changes to make purchases and not run up debts.

That's the main thing. With these cards you don't run up debts. You don't have to worry about the rest of the family or yourself running up debts and getting into trouble. There are so many people in debt today that it is almost collapsing entire regions. You can avoid this all by using cards that keep you on your toes. They remind and restrict you from becoming irresponsible and you can also build up your credit rating with some of these companies.

You can't beat that when it comes to this procedure. It leaves little to chance and screwing up and that's just what the doctor ordered. You'll be able to find the issuing companies easily and then you'll just pick and choose. You can get as many cards as you like and the competition means you'll get the pick of the litter of best fees and services.

Sounds good doesn't it?

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