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Exchanger monitor – what is it?

No need for headaches and scams, this one site, where you can do the monitoring of exchange rates right here!

We're not talking some window pop up that shows some data, no, we're talking a full service website that is massive in it's coverage of all the main money transfer companies around the world and monitors them for their exchange rate value so that you get the best rate possible.

Can you believe it? A site that has all the big players right there to monitor so that you save on money transfers and can pay employees, buy on the web, collect money and all the e commerce actions that call on exchange rates. You get to peel off that excess fee problem and save a bundle. Let's take a look at what they have to offer overall.

Basically, this site is a free service that allows for customers to find the best rates when doing money exchanging. As stated above, the top e commerce and money transfer companies are scanned 24/7 for the best rates available at the time. This site focuses on only the most credible and reliable sites not the shaky and irresponsible ones. Cutting the chaff from the wheat this way you get to the companies that really know what they're doing. It just doesn't stop there. Let's look more deeply in what offers. They monitor and you profit from it. Their e wallet or purse allows for you to get and acquire and transfer money without having to switch all around and go though dozens of bookmarks to find your transfer solutions. Let's say you need to buy a product or service and all you have is PayPal. PayPal normally you can buy anywhere in the world but let's just stay for this illustration that you'll need another transfer or commerce solution. Well instead of going through all sorts of unnecessary data you can use to do the job profitably.

The site keeps you updated on currency changes. The world may have that global world feel but the changes in money are still quite active and volatile. If you try to search around and keep tabs on everything it could drive you crazy. Without a responsible company that can monitor and retrieve and act on real data you could end up losing lots of money if you use money transfer services. You want the best rate, the best solution and that's just not for you but also for your clients and employees if you have them. You can't afford to be bleeding money when you can nail down the true value of it with this monitoring service.

You have the control of what your money does. You have your own control panel where you can study the statistics in real time. You manage what your money does, where it goes and whom it comes from. You adjust your settings to get the best value possible.

Here's a list of the currencies that monitors. It's like a Who's Who of the top money transfer companies.

List Of Currencies

  • Liberty Reserve USD
  • Liberty Reserver EUR
  • PayPal USD
  • PayPal EUR
  • Moneybookers
  • AlertPay
  • Perfect Money USD
  • Perfect Money EUR
  • Ukash USD
  • Ukash EUR
  • Ukash GBP
  • Paxum
  • Pecunix
  • C-Gold
  • SolidTrust Pay USD
  • SolidTrust Pay EUR
  • OKPay USD
  • OKPay EUR
  • WebMoney WMZ
  • WebMoney WME
  • WebMoney WMG
  • PayWeb
  • W1 USD

For Online Banking

  • Visa/MasterCard USD
  • Visa/MasterCard EUR
  • Wire USD
  • Wire EUR
  • Wire GBP

For Money Transfers

  • Western Union
  • MoneyGram

Now that's an impressive list of international e-commerce and money transfer solutions wouldn't you say? It just about covers the globe doesn't it? So let's cover what this site provides again.

You have a free online service that helps you to find the exchangers with the best of rates. The company has been around for over four years providing this service. To operate, just sign in to the sight, pick the pair of exchangers you want, click the names of the presented currencies on the panel to the left such as your choice in the "Give" column and then the choice in the "Get" column. Easy isn't it? Once that's done you'll be sent to an automatic redirect to the page with the offers from the exchangers that will allow you to start choosing the best rate for you. The table of the presented exchangers is there with the exchange rate and you can sort them by their columns. Once you've made your choice, you'll then click the line with the exchangers' name you want and it will display the main page of the exchange site. Then it's just a matter of exchanging the money.

Now that's getting down to brass tacks and this company takes you through every single step to make sure you get the best service available. They have procedures and tools that allow them to keep you aware of the latest exchange rates, the changes in the banks and how to best handle exchanges so that you're getting the best value. They even take the time to help you with preventing fraud. They know what sites are honest and responsible and that too you can count on from this site. They know how important your money is and your peace of mind. It's tough enough trying to handle your daily affairs and having someone messing with your money is just something you don't want any parts of. That's why this site even takes that extra time and effort to help out here.

The reserve money that you'll see in regard to their "Available Exchange Reserve" means that's the available reserve for exchanges in a specific currency available at that exchanger for operating. It's the limit for that particular exchange. So you'll be able to see how much is available at that time. They cannot exchange more money that is available in the reserve.

So that's it in a nutshell regarding this site and monitoring the exchanges.

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