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Visa/MasterCard in Hungarian forints (HUF): exchange to other currencies

The Hungarian forint (HUF) is the national currency of Hungary. It was introduced in 1946 and thus is considered one of the oldest currencies in Europe. In recent years, Hungary has become a popular destination for tourists and investors, which has led to increased interest in this currency. Let's look at the features of the currency, how to get a bank card in forints (HUF) and how to exchange Visa/Mastercard HUF for other currencies online.

Features of the currency HUF (Hungarian forint)

The Hungarian forint has a designation HUF and code 348 according to the international standard ISO 4217.

The peculiarity of this currency is that it is not internationally convertible; that is, the official exchange for forints is possible only inside Hungary. This means that when you visit Hungary, you must exchange your national currency for forints.

The forint's exchange rate against other world currencies may fluctuate depending on the economic situation. It is advisable to familiarize yourself with the exchange rate and plan your spending accordingly.

How to get a HUF bank card for a resident or a non-resident

To obtain a HUF bank card, you must be a resident of Hungary or have a residence permit. You must provide documents proving your status and fill out an application for the card.

Most banks in Hungary offer different types of cards, debit and credit, which can be used for:

  • cash withdrawals,
  • paying for goods and services,
  • online shopping.

To apply for a card, prepare a valid ID card. Popular among foreigners are banks such as:

  • UniCredit,
  • Erste Bank,
  • OTP Bank,
  • Budapest Bank,
  • Raiffeisen Bank.

Visa/Mastercard HUF exchange online to other destinations

Having a Visa or Mastercard HUF bank card, you can exchange forints for other currencies or cryptocurrencies with the help of online exchangers.

Our website provides a rating of such exchangers. To find them, just specify the payment directions you are interested in. A rating will be formed containing all the essential parameters for choosing an exchange office:

  • Current exchange rate in the exchanger.
  • Minimum exchange amount.
  • The total amount will be received on the card or wallet under current conditions.
  • Reserves of the exchanger in the selected direction.
  • Reviews.

Having determined the choice, go to the desired service and carefully follow the further instructions.

Exchange Credit card to e-currencies

On our site you can see the current exchange rates of Visa/MasterCard HUF to other electronic payment systems.

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