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Visa/MasterCard in Czech crowns (CZK) features and advantages

Bank cards offer convenience and security when making purchases and allow you to withdraw cash anywhere in the world. When travelling abroad, we need to use cards accepted in our country. Let's look at Visa/MasterCard CZK bank cards and their advantages for tourists and travellers visiting the Czech Republic.

Advantages of using cards in Czech crowns (CZK)

Visa/MasterCard and bank cards in Czech crowns (CZK) are a trendy and common way to pay and withdraw cash in the country.

The main advantages of this solution are:

  • Widespread acceptance. Almost all shops, restaurants, hotels and other establishments accept these cards. This is incredibly convenient for travellers who can avoid exchanging money for local currency — at the moment of payment, the bank usually converts instantly at the current exchange rate.
  • Cash withdrawal facilities. There are many ATMs in the country, located in major cities and provinces. Thanks to this, residents and non-residents can easily withdraw the required amount of money in Czech crowns at any time or night. It is worth noting that some ATMs may charge a withdrawal fee, so familiarising yourself with the terms and conditions of using the card in advance is recommended.

Debit cards in the Czech Republic are issued when you open an account with a bank; there are no additional requirements for customers. Most banks offer Visa and Mastercard cards, but some limit themselves to only one supported system. American Express card solutions are also found in the country.

Visa/MasterCard exchange in Czech crowns (CZK) online

Czech bank cards can be topped up or withdrawn with the help of internet exchangers.

This is incredibly convenient for those who prefer to shop online or need to buy local currency at the most favourable exchange rate.

To avoid losing money, you should choose only exchange services that experts have verified — our monitoring is explicitly designed so that you can find a workable site that supports the desired direction, has sufficient reserves and suits you in terms of the exchange rate and minimum exchange amount.

Exchange Credit card to e-currencies

On our site you can see the current exchange rates of Visa/MasterCard CZK to other electronic payment systems.

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