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Exchange BitTorrent (BTT) to Zcash (ZEC)

In the list below, you will see exchangers where it is possible to exchange BitTorrent (BTT) to Zcash (ZEC). The list contains the best rates at the top, enabling you to see which exchangers offer the best rate. To choose an exchanger, it is advised that you consider the reviews and reserves in the corresponding columns. Click on your chosen exchanger and visit its website to exchange money.

All first-time users of our exchanger monitor will be able to watch the video which will enable them to discover the range of exciting features that come as part of our service.

Inverse exchange Save Discrepancy History Settings
Send notification to
when it will be possible to
exchange at the rate of less than
BTT for 1 ZEC
and with the minimal available reserve of
The notification will be cancelled in
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Exchange ratesExchanger Give Get Reserve Reviews
This exchanger states the exchange rate in the request
if the market exchange rate changes by not more than 0.2%.
35 901 486 BTT
min 18 797 794 470
max 999 999 999 999
1 ZEC 74 493 412
This exchanger does not fix the
exchange rate in the order.
This exchanger may require verification of the client's documents
or halt the payment to check other data.
The final exchange rate includes the following commissions:
36 085 780.629302 – basic exchange rate;
0.01 ZEC – commission taken from the target currency.
36 129 239 BTT
min 45 142 665
max 999 999 999 999
1 ZEC 104 867 175
This exchanger does not fix the
exchange rate in the order.
The final exchange rate includes the following commissions:
0.5% – commission taken from the source currency;
36 008 506.827967 – basic exchange rate.
36 189 454 BTT
min 1 392 021 932
max 25 170 961 295
1 ZEC 685 23
This exchanger does not fix the
exchange rate in the order.
37 022 241 BTT
min 54 993 326
max 10 998 665 037
1 ZEC 3 016 149
This exchanger runs in the manual
or semiautomatic mode.
37 758 647 BTT
min 187 546 886
max 999 999 999 999
1 ZEC 93 774 4
This exchanger runs in the manual
or semiautomatic mode.
38 681 727 BTT
min 187 546 886
max 999 999 999 999
1 ZEC 156 319 13
Chart for
The total number working with the BitTorrent (BTT) Zcash (ZEC) direction is 6 vetted exchangers.
Total reserve in exchangers: 433 153 ZEC. Average exchange rate: 37 370 292.916635
Some of the exchangers presented here have additional commissions that are included in the rates in case of calculating an exchange for the amount of 300000000 BTT. To calculate the best exchange for your amount, use the Calculator feature.
In order to combat money laundering and terrorism financing, exchangers conduct AML checks of transactions coming from their customers.
If a transaction is identified as high-risk, an exchanger may halt the operation to perform a KYC procedure. The KYC information is needed solely to comply with the AML/KYC requirements to subsequently unblock the funds sent in the transaction.

All You Need to know About Exchanging BitTorrent to Zcash

All exchangers listed will offer a service of automatically exchanging BitTorrent to Zcash. You will find useful instructions in the FAQ section which can be used by those who are exchanging electronic money through our site for the first time, enabling them to deal with any challenges they experience during the exchange process.

It is important to remember that exchange rates BitTorrent Zcash can improve when you visit an exchange site through monitor than if you were to visit an exchanger directly.

If you are unable to learn about exchanging money when you visit the site, get in touch with the operator of the exchanger (administrator). It is likely that at that moment in time that automatic exchange BitTorrent (BTT) to Zcash (ZEC) is unavailable which means that a manual process will be followed when carrying out your exchange.

If you are unable to exchange Bit Torrent Cryprocurrency to Z-cash cryptocurrency at your chosen exchanger, inform us so we can take the right action efficiently (discuss the issue with the owner or remove the exchange from this exchange direction). You can also find out from other users at our forum to discover offers relating to manual exchange.

Exchanger Reliability

All exchangers that you find on our website have been checked thoroughly prior to being listed and BestChange constantly monitors how they perform. This means that all financial transactions are safer with all exchangers listed within our monitor. It is important to read all reviews from other users when selecting an exchangers, as well as the condition of its website, the reserves and the existing status of the specific exchanger within our monitor.