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Wallet One (W1) Payment System

Description of payment system WalletOne, how to exchange W1

Wallet One is just outstanding. It offers so many services regarding payments, that you might look twice to believe what you are seeing. Let us take a look at just what this company offers.

Wallet One is a true global service. You can sign up from just about every place in the world and interact with other members. You can send money, receive money. It's as easy as opening an email or brushing your hair.

About W1

You won't believe how much Wallet One aka W1 can do in a snap regarding money transfers. It utilizes your cellular operators, internet providers, paid Television, public utilities, landline phones and there is no fee according to their website. They also utilize such payment system companies as WebMoney, Mobil Wallet and more. Not only that their fees are lower.


You get to control your Wallet One wallet with your mobile phone, smartphone, your pda an personal computer. All of these have special apps or software for doing so. For example your mobile phone or smartphone can do your money chores via wap site or W1 Java Mobile. For your pds you would use W1 Windows Mobile or W1 Symbian Mobile app. For your personal computer you would use your website or W1 Vista Gadget. You can fund your Wallet One account with you bank cards, CONTACT System, UNIStream System,payment receiving points in cellular communication centers, pay-point machines like OSMP, Free Cash, Electropay, X-Plat, Unikassa and more.

Overall Benefits Of Wallet One

Once you see the benefits of this payment system you sure won't want to miss out on. Wallet One is unique in that it utilizes other payment systems and makes it totally affordable, convenience and peace of mind. Most of the payments and uploading of funds is free. This really helps the college student and their parents who need to send that money and do so with ease and affordability. Free is the word with Wallet One. They allow for more free services than probably any e-commerce group.

With ease you can use Wallet One's facilities and that is another major plus. You just register your wallet and enter the number of your mobile phone or device and you'll then receive an SMS that contains your wallet number and password. You can then transfer money within a minute and you can SMS or chat with whomever you're sending or receiving money from.

We're talking so much service for so less a cost that you can't turn it down.

Convenience And Use

Here's how it works. Wallet One uses what is called W1 Vista Gadget for the personal computers using Windows Vista. When using your mobile phone you would use the Java app on your mobile phone. If you've no Java support you would use the on your phone's browser where the Wallet One wap-version which works with most mobile devices. Wallet One is using all their technological prowess to make their services available to every sort of option there is. It's this kind of attention and courtesy that sets Wallet One apart from the other payment solutions. It's quite the nice twist on payment solutions. The ability to easily use your devices to transfer money or even use as a billing solution on your website.

Yes, you can use Wallet One's website payment solutions to sell products and services on your website. Easy transactions, secured and very easy to set up.

Another convenience and service is that you can pay bills. Yes, you can pay your cellular bills, landline, electric bills and more. When you're on the go or busy this type of convenience is extremely helpful and what's best is there is no fee to do so!

You also have the ability to buy goods and services online. You just load your wallet and buy what you need.

Fun And Options

Needless to say, Wallet One is the kind of company that gets the job done right. They've considered just about every contingency regarding what you'll need to use your account for, how to use your account easy, and adapting their technology for your needs and wants. They want to make things so convenient and fun that you won't need to think twice about things.

Looking at the scenarios that make using your Wallet One account for you'll be happier than a clam to know these options are available to you. Let's look at some scenarios that just may fit your lifestyle.

Let's say you're a working mom. You've got the husband on his job, the kids in school or maybe even some of the kids at day care. You've got your Wallet One account up and ready and all you need to do is pay those bills via your mobile phone or PC. In a snap you're done and back to work and your attention on your own job and personal matters with no headache involved.

In another scenario say you're a young person away from home. Maybe at school, camp, or some other activity. You might need some cash now and then and all you need to do is contact mom or dad and they'll fork over the money easily with just a few pushed buttons.

In another scenario let's say that you're a business person with some online investments. You might have a website or two and you have a staff, customers etc. You'll need to take orders on your website and Wallet One has that service. In mere minutes you could be taking orders and making some happy customers. Just think of the combination of factors here. Not only do you have a website payment solution but you have an overall payment solution that you can pay your staff, send money to services you subscribe to, collect money from customers and more. It just doesn't get any better.

Overall, Wallet One does everything they can to make your online payment solutions, money transfer, and website pay as easy and as affordable as they can.

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