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SolidTrust Pay: Online Global Payments Provider

Description of payment system SolidTrustPay, how to exchange STP Once upon a time, the world was big and a merchant on one side of the country did not have to worry about payment options involving people on the other side of the country, let alone someone on the other side of the globe. Business was simple, and the transactions involve were likewise basic. However, these days, international money transactions are becoming a reality for everyone, merchants and customers alike.

If you are a large business, the need for secure global transactions is obvious; however, even if you are small you need to be ready — the customers that visit your online shop could be from anywhere, speaking any language, ready to pay with any currency. The best way to deal with this is to find a middleman company to help secure your money as it travels across great distances, digitally. This way you eliminate a large amount of risk. Compare it to making a large land purchase; in that transaction, the money required would be held in escrow, handled by an escrow holder ready to ensure that both parties give what they pledged to give and receive what they are entitled to. One such middleman company is SolidTrust Pay.

The Benefits

The main benefit is safety, plain and simple. When you have a trusted site like SolidTrust Pay handling the money exchange, you are guaranteed some level of safety and protection that would not be available otherwise. Though, this is not the only benefit. You also gain new capabilities and access to different software technology, depending on what kind of account you choose to set up with the company.

Choosing the Right Account

When joining SolidTrust Pay, it is important to choose the right account level. There are three account levels or types. The first is a personal account. This account type is perfect for anyone who has basic needs, such as the desire to shop online securely, send money to friends far away without too much hassle, etc. The next step up is a business account, which provides basic business services. That includes the ability to accept payments from people who use SolidTrust Pay, but also from those who do not have an account (this is very important as it means you are not restricted to customers who have already or are willing to sign up for SolidTrust Pay). Other features include easy withdrawal options, small transaction fees, support from SolidTrust Pay's technical department and a listing within the company's online Shopping Mall resource. If these services are not sufficient for your business, there is also a corporation level. One of the main benefits of a corporate account is the increased fraud and loss protection you receive. Another is special software which allows the monetary transaction to be conducted solely on your website, rather than referring the customers to the SolidTrust Pay site, making purchasing from you're a simpler, more enjoyable experience. You are also privy to the benefits of the business account level, such as Shopping Mall listings, low fees and cash back for referring new customers to the service.


The fees for SolidTrust Pay fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, when compared to its competitors, yet according to the company the slightly higher fees allow the company to offer increased security and better support. But first, it is worthwhile to mention the lack of fees — there is no fee to create a personal account. This is a good thing particularly because if you are unsure as to how often (if ever) you will use a personal account, you can prepare it at no cost, with no risk. Likewise, there is no fee to send money, so buying something will not entail hidden fees or extra cost. Receiving a payment costs only $0.25). A business account is free for the initial setup. The application for merchant standing is $39.00, though this gets returned if your business is somehow found unacceptable. To receive money, it costs 2.5% of the total received, plus an additional $0.30. Corporate account entail a little more of an investment, considering the added benefits of obtaining one. It is the only account type which has a fee to be established. It is $50.00, which isn't too expensive if you are a corporation or successful business looking to stay in touch with the changes in technology. If your account is rejected, you get your money back. Receiving money costs 3.5% of the money received, plus an additional $0.50.

Merchant Benefits

There is a special privilege "merchant" status available within the site, accessible to both business and corporate accounts, albeit for a price. Not everyone who wants to hold this coveted status can; but for those who make the cut, there are numerous benefits to be reaped. You gain access to an international debit card, for one, and can withdraw your money to any credit card you'd like. You also get improved integration in regards to the credit card payments you receive and your website or online store.

Because there is a fee involved in applying for these benefits, you should not automatically apply, just in case. Instead, carefully review the rules and advantages on the company's website and determine if they are a good fit for you. Do not be afraid to ask the company questions to determine exactly what is involved with this special status and how to better your chances of being accepted.


Before you make your commitment to SolidTrust Pay, you should sit down and figure out what your needs are. Are you a casual shopper? A dedicated merchant? The leader of a successful and still growing company? Your particular situation should inform your decision about how to proceed with the company. As you become increasingly comfortable with using the payment site, you may even decide to adjust your account level (they allow that). Just take it slow and remember that when your money is concerned, you cannot be too careful.

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