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OKPAY has just about everything regarding online banking and money processing. From currency exchanges to far more. Let's first look at what they provide and all the features they boast.

First of all they provide a service where an international payment processing solution that delivers money directly to a MasterCard debit card. This means you can accept all types of payments online to load on your OKPAY account wallet. You can then manage your funds, send and receive money do all sorts of general e-commerce actions all at the convenience of your computer or cell phone. You can deposit and withdraw funds whenever you so choose with quite a bit of convenience. You can accept bank wire and cash money transfers. This is for website owners who need a payment solution. They can sign up for OKPAY and then put the links up on their sites to then do bank transfers, take various e-currencies, phone payments, and more. Anyone who has a website that they do business online knows you can't do business online without merchant skills and software. In the old days it was a royal pain. You had to go through so much paperwork and so many procedures that it was nothing more than absurd. The mainstream banking and merchant accounting was so far behind the times they were still using whale oil to light their lamps.

Merchants and banks that were in the know came up with faster and better solutions. OKPAY comes from those revolutions in e-commerce that are now the standard of the day. Now you can just take it easy with this company and breeze on through to simple and profitable e-commerce solutions. You can open a virtual account where you can load money, send money, receive money, convert to the various currencies around the world. You can also buy things online with super ease. If you're selling products and services online you can do that too with ease. Your customers are fully aware of what they're purchasing and you and they can have some major convenience and security using OKPAY.

Banking services from OKPAY allows you to make low cost cash transfers that will astound you. Your OKPAY debit card is easy to use. Just load it from your OKPAY Wallet and you're good to go. Your OKPAY MasterCard is excepted anywhere MasterCard is, ATMs, online, stores, everywhere. You'll be teamed up with other e-commerce companies such as:

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You can add money, withdrawal, send money, mass payment, request money, or currency exchange.

OKPAY also has developers opportunities. That's participation for the heavyweights of the programming community. Their program is called the OKPAY SOAP API which they say provides programmers to access to OKPAY which allows the developers to buidl custom apps, tools, and more that fit the other services. This brings about the ability to handle the API which is based on the web servies or open standards that include the SOAP or Simple Object Access Protocol going and the XML Shema Definition Language or XSD. These are the fundamental standards on which the vast range of developers tools stand on.

OKPAY really is a full service pay system for the web. You can have such a fun and relaxing time using it too. Just look at how the webmaster feels. You're setting up a website about ebooks lets say. You're producing the and you want to sell them from your blogs or websites. Well you can but what if you had dozens, hundredds or thousands of preople out there, affiliates they're called, who might want to sell your ebooks too. Well with OKPAY payment systems you could have affiliates all around the world and you can get sales from their website posts. Each affiliate has their own affiliate code so your admin area that OKPAY handles for you collects the sales, distributes the money and it's all customizable at that. No one gets left out and everyone gets their fair share. No headaches as the data collected from each affiliate's sales and payments are automatically taken care of. You shouldn't have to worry about a thing. Your money that comes in can be monitored and handled by you any which way you so choose given OKPAY options. You can change currencies to make better global processing and with OKPAY's other features you sure won't find yourself limited in any way. Your customers will be happy that they can make their purchases with all the security and discretion they deserve. Your affiliates get their payments without problems and so do you. The OKPAY system provides stats that are up to date that keeps you on top of what's going on.

Overall, you've got yourself a pay system that is so large but easy to use that you should have a great time applying it and seeing where it goes. As a merchant you'll be able to establish your business online with a good amount of worry-free easiness and see how the big companies do it. Your customers are secure and if you expand to include affiliates you'll see a powerful foundation of income flowing in. As the program itself expands you'll be able apply the latest applications and strategies. Who knows what will come of it all. The bottom line is you've got yourself a ready made payment solution, banking solution, and affiliate and sales solution right at your fingertips with OKPAY.

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