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SolidTrust Pay Payment System

Description of payment system SolidTrust Pay, how to exchange STP EURO Solid Trust Pay providers its users with a means of buying and selling items online without having to worry about security of the transactions. This is because it will allow a financial transfer to take part without revealing any bank details or credit card details to either party. This helps to secure their information and means that customers are more likely to buy because they have more trust in the system. It also allows free global transactions to family and friends. It can be used by businesses to pay their employees as well as to collect money.

A personal account holder is able to send money to friends and family online for free and in a secure way. It is free to send money anywhere in the world and there is just a small fee to receive money. You can fund your account in many different ways, such as bank transfers, credit and debit cards and choose from lots of currency options to use when funding the account. There is an affiliate scheme where you can earn money if you recommend other people to sign up, which can be a good way of earning some extra money. The system is secure as your bank details and credit card number is never revealed to the third party during any transactions. This is why this type of company is favoured by many people when they are shopping online. Many people also like to use it to receive payments from friends and family because they are quicker than waiting for a bank transfer that can take several days.

Business account holders are able to use their Solid Trust Pay accounts to receive payments from their customers using a merchant account. This means that they will be able to sell online in a way that is attractive to their customers. They will be charged for receiving money, but at a competitive rate, which could be a lot cheaper than using other credit card processing companies. It is possible to get a corporate upgrade which will cost money to apply for but has many additional features such as enhanced fraud protection, the ability to accept debit card payments, a free virtual terminal, higher withdrawal limits and free advertising. To reduce costs, businesses can apply for a micro payments upgrade where they have a lower transaction fee for smaller prices. This means that whether you are a big or small business, there is likely to be an option that will suit you.

All of these flexible options mean that there is an account type for every type of person. Whether you are a small or big business or an individual, there is an account type that is directed at you. With competitive fees, you may find that it is something which you would like to consider using.

It is possible to credit your Solid Trust Pay account in many ways including cash and credit cards as well as bank transfers. It is also very easy to withdraw the money again, with fast and secure options. The money can be withdrawn to a bank account and even on to a VISA card which means that it can be available for spending very quickly. This can make it a very flexible way to make online payments and to transfer money. It can take a few days before the money appears in the bank or on the card but this can still be significantly faster than using a bank transfer. It is especially useful for international transactions, which can sometimes be quite complicated to organise and can take a very long time. Once the money has passed from one Solid Trust Pay account to another it is available immediately to use to buy things form online stores that accept Solid Trust Pay for payments. So in this circumstance, the money is available to spend straight away.

Solid Trust Pay has a lot of information on their website to make it easy for people to know how to use them. There is even a developers section for those who are incorporating Solid Trust Pay in to their ecommerce website and want hints and tips. There is also a forum, which all customers can use so they can find out more about Solid Trust Pay and get answers to any questions that they might have. There is a FAQ section so you can find out everything that you want to know from which countries can use it, to what browser is best to use it in.

Solid Trust Pay has a professional approach and aims to provide a service that will protect its customers from the problems of making online transactions. By keeping their bank details and credit card numbers safe from third parties, this minimalizes the risk of this information being stolen and used by someone else. Everyone is aware of the risks of online transactions and so appreciate services like this that will protect them. Many people are worried about fraud, personal identity theft and hackers and so anything that can be done to make them feel safer, is great and businesses appreciate this too. They know that by keeping their customers safe, they will be more likely to get their business again and they may even risk not getting any business at all if customers do not feel that their payment system can be trusted.

So Solid Trust Pay is used by people who want to make secure online payments. It is a trusted system which will allow customers to keep their bank details more secure and will allow businesses to accept payments without having to worry about fraud or extortionate fees. It is also useful for making transfers because the money is received immediately. This can be useful for businesses as it means that they do not get cash flow worries when waiting for payments to clear, but is also extremely useful for friends and family wanting to send each other money in a fast and secure way.

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