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Perfect Money Payment System: BTC accounts

Perfect Money is a very convenient payment system that has been functioning from 2007. It is a great choice for people who are involved in large number of international financial operations and who don't want to deal with banks or other payments systems known for sudden blocking accounts their consider suspicious.

Of course, Perfect Money is not a service where one can launder money or buy drugs, but it offers much more freedom that other competitors. The company is registered in Panama and operates under Panama legislation. It means that Perfect Money won't block your account upon request from a third country. At least, it doesn't have to do it.

Main features and advantages

Perfect Money works with such currencies like US dollar and Euro and it also allows to make gold transactions. However, the most interesting option available to Perfect Money users is the opportunity to work with bitcoins.

A great advantage of Perfect Money is that you can easily buy or sell Perfect Money gold — there are dozens of good exchange services online available for that.

Perfect Money users can:

  • send and accept money transfers among themselves
  • make regular payments
  • pay for goods and services
  • gain profit from various online businesses
  • keep money in their Perfect Money account (one can get up to 7% per annum depending on the status)
  • buy gold, BTC and currencies in the Internet
  • benefit from the referral program offering 1% yearly

Furthermore, Perfect Money has very attractive rates for buying and selling bitcoins. Another good thing is that there is no commission for account replenishment if you use bitcoins or bank transfer!


Both legal bodies and private users can create an account on Perfect Money. You will just need to choose proper account type — "legal body" or "private user". The system doesn't require providing too much personal information. It is enough to specify your name, surname and postal address. Then you need to create a password and check the Agreement box.

After this you will get an email with your ID — keep it in a secure place as it will be your username for logging in. In general registration on Perfect Money takes not more than a couple of minutes.

Account verification

Verification is not a mandatory procedure, however we suggest you doing it as verified accounts have to pay lower commissions and get access to bigger number of functions. For example, an unverified account means you will pay 1.99% commission for internal transactions while account verification lets you pay only 0.5% commission.

To verify the account you will need to send a scan of your passport, driver's license or ID and a scan of your bills with your address, name and surname there. Later you may also verify your work phone number — this is possible only after name, surname and address verification.

In order to verify personal information you will need to upload the files mentioned above to Verification section of your Account Settings.

Fees and commissions

There is very low commission for funds transfer — only 0.5% for users with verified accounts. As for money withdrawal the commission is not that high as well — 2.5% plus the bank commission. However, express (instant) bitcoins withdrawal has only 0.5% of commission which is incredibly convenient if you often use bitcoins.

Perfect Money does not charge for account maintenance. The most expensive service is account recovery, it costs $100. Therefore we highly recommend you to set a secure password for your Perfect Money account and provide real personal information you can confirm if necessary.

Account statuses and types

Four account types available in Perfect Money include USD, EUR, gold and BTC accounts. The opportunity to have account in bitcoins has appeared recently and now it is getting more and more popular among users.

The system has three different account statuses — Normal, Premium and Partner. The status "normal" is assigned to all new accounts by default. The "premium" status is usually granted in a year after registration or if you have good money turnaround. Finally, the "partner" status can be given only manually. The Perfect Money administration should consider your account and take the decision if it's good time to grant the "premium" status.

Actually, it's worth having the "premium" or even "partner" status — the better status you have, the smaller commission you pay for each money transaction and the bigger is the annual percent for you deposit. Usually the "partner" status is provided to people who run online business or to companies for B2B-payments processing.

To sum up, Perfect Money has a well-organized account management system. Everything looks clear and simple so that user did not have to waste time looking for a function or option.

How to replenish funds to your Perfect Money account

Perfect Money offers four ways for it and the safest one is creating a cryptocurrency account (or a BTC account). Due to advanced security system Perfect Money guarantees that your bitcoins will remain safe and sound on the system account.

Bank transfer is another option for account replenishment. As the money is received by the system they are immediately (less than within 30 seconds) added to your account. The minimum sum for bank transfer is $300.

A lot of exchange platforms allow to replenish an account in Perfect Money. It's a great way for those who want to pay in a currency which is not supported by Perfect Money.

Finally, one can replenish the account using e-money like WebMoney, Pecunix, E-Gold and so on.

E-Voucher is an additional way for instant account replenishment. After purchasing you can use it for refilling account belonging to any person.

Perfect Money is an interesting platform for people who run online business, provide various services or sells goods via Internet. It's very easy to use and quick to get verified. An opportunity to work with bitcoins is another significant advantage of Perfect Money.

Therefore if you are looking for a convenient and transparent solution for managing your funds Perfect Money is definitely worth considering.

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