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PayPal AUD - Australian dollar in the PayPal system

PayPal is one of the most popular payment systems in the world, which provides a wide range of opportunities for users. It has been operating since 1999.

Main advantages:

  • High level of data protection and financial transactions. Advanced encryption technologies guarantee the safety of personal information. Payment revocation is possible, which is both a plus and a minus.
  • You can send and receive money online without entering your banking information every time. You only need to know the recipient's email address to send money.
  • PayPal works in more than 200 countries and supports more than 25 currencies.
  • PayPal is a popular payment method when buying goods and services online. Many online shops accept PayPal AUD as a payment method.
  • EPS has convenient mobile applications for iOS and Android, allowing you to manage your account and quickly pay for goods and services.
  • Cryptocurrencies are supported but so far, mainly for the US. In August 2023, the company even issued its dollar-stablecoin. You can read more about stablecoins in our material: "How are stablecoins structured?".

The system also provides tools for businesses to accept customer payments and set up online shops. PayPal AUD offers convenient and secure ways to send and receive money and a wide range of online payment options.

Using PayPal AUD

PayPal AUD allows users to work with the Australian dollar (AUD) and make payments and transfers within and outside Australia.

Account holders can add AUD to the list of supported currencies and use it for payments:

  1. Sign up with personal details, email address, and link a bank card or account to the account.
  2. Add the Australian dollar to the list of supported currencies. This is done in the profile settings (section "Account", then "Add currency").
  3. You can start sending or receiving payments. You can withdraw to a bank account and convert currencies on the account from one to another.

When using PayPal AUD, commissions may be charged. Before using it is recommended to familiarise yourself with the terms and commissions set by PayPal.

Exchange PayPal AUD to other currencies or cryptocurrencies online

Within the payment system, there are few ways to withdraw or exchange to other EPSs, and buying/selling cryptocurrencies is only available for users from some countries.

Fortunately, there are exchangers online that allow you to change PayPal AUD in the desired direction. When choosing an exchanger, you should consider the following:

  • Exchange rate.
  • Additional fees.
  • Minimum and maximum transaction limit.
  • Reputation and reviews.
  • The time of the transaction.
  • Requirements for identity verification.

Exchanging PayPal AUD online requires care when choosing a platform. Our monitoring is designed to help with this, conveniently providing information on reliable exchangers.

Exchange PayPal to e-currencies

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