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Western Union established itself way back in the 1880s. Often pictured as a guy on horseback or stagecoach headed by a team of horses. This image is great for advertising but it doesn't tell the complete story of what Western Union does in regard to their payment system. The Western Union payment system is just astound and powerful. You've got Business Solutions, Bill Payment Solutions, and an Agent Portal.

What's that? You say Western Union has payment solutions like the other big companies? Yes they do and what's more they lay things out with precision.

Business Solutions

Western Union shows off their first payment solutions under their Business Solutions. This option allows for foreign exchanges of money. It reduces currency exposures though their hedging and risk management services. Their foreign exchange for business has online FX payments allow for sending funds right from the office. You can send 24/7 with real time rates and quotes and 24 hour customer service. You have their Corporate Services, this option allows for their FX specialist to ad their knowledge of hedging directly to you. This has currency risk consultation, access to FX market expertise and multiple payment processing.

Bill Payment Solutions

We'll take a look at their industry solutions. Western Union works with thousands of billers to make sure they deliver the goods. They have covered all the major issues like auto finance, consumer finance, government, insurance, mortgages, and utilities. Western Union takes these issues seriously enough to employ their top experts to actually help you along the way. That's something extra you don't get with other online payment solutions. Western Union goes out of their way to gt you the kind of online payment service that will make your eyes bug out. Western Union has a very strong and customizable payment solution base that covers all the bases of online payment solutions. It includes Western Union, Speedpay as well as using the Western Union walk in centers.

So basically what we're looking at is Western Union's solution to the old merchant account system. This was the way that people and companies first did business on the web. They needed to be able to sell products and services online. Payment systems had to come along to solve these problems. There were all sorts of experiments and companies that appeared and the mainstream companies were indeed late in the payment solutions game and they had to catch up later. Some companies got it right and others got it wrong. As the big companies like Western Union got it right they were able to provide and expand on their payment solutions. This is why a look at their final product is one that is not just a simple payment solutions but a deep, monster sized series of products that allow the user to set up a series of solutions that not only allow for handling customers and products and services but allows for international exchanges, consultations from experts on various investment and money matters. Western Union isn't playing around when they say they have payment solutions. They really do and go farther than the majority of mainstream payment solutions companies.

Western Union goes even further. By joining their agent network you can see how you can increase your income and expand, get new customers by offering money orders, money transfer and bill payment services, make your customers more loyal by offering their services, you can even get Western Union equipment for your office, and you'll be reaching millions of people around the world.

So with Western Union you're getting their version of the payment solutions that other companies have been putting out over the last 15 years or so. However, unlike the other payment solutions, Western Union has their own unique blend of experts, support, and expansion option. They've actually got staff online who are experts in various e-commerce issues and you can add them on as you go along. So basically you have your basic payment solutions where you can buy and sell online. Then you can expand that bi having affiliates who can sell products an services for you. Now expand on that and you've got more advanced systems like consultants and more. Western Union isn't kidding around when with their payment solutions program and that's a sign that they're willing to go the distance with their programs. Whether they meet up, match, or exceed other online payment solutions only time will tell.

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