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What Cryptex-codes and how to use them

Cryptex-code is a way to instantly transfer funds between Cryptex exchange accounts without commission. It is suitable for use with both cryptocurrency and fiat. Such codes have gained popularity mainly as a tool for convenient deposit or withdrawal of money — in combination with cryptocurrency exchangers, they significantly expand the choice of deposit/withdrawal methods.

Please note that to perform any actions on the platform, including deposits, you must undergo complete verification with proof of identity and address!

Features and advantages

Cryptex exchange codes are randomly generated values of numbers and letters of different cases. Each code is strictly unique and secured with fiat money or cryptocurrency. With the help of such codes, you can instantly move funds from one exchange account to another without commission.

An important feature: Cryptex allows you to create codes for any assets supported by the platform. It is much easier to transfer cryptocurrency in this way than on the blockchain because you do not need to pay a commission and wait for the confirmations of miners.

How to get the Cryptex code

There are two main ways to get a Cryptex code:

  • Generate the code yourself using the platform's tools. Go to the "Balance" section, to the code creation form, and specify its average value. This means the amount of funds credited to the recipient when they activate the code.
  • Buy the code through an exchanger. Use BestChange to find suitable sellers.

While creating the code, there is an option to specify the ID of the user who should receive it. This way, no one else can activate the code, even if it falls into ill-wishers' hands. If, for some reason, the recipient does not want to activate the code or an incorrect user ID is specified, the creator can enter the funds back into his account by simply activating the code.

How to activate a Cryptex code

If you purchased the code from an exchanger or someone sent it to you, the only thing left to do is to activate it so that the money is credited to your account. The order of actions:

  • Go to the "Balance" section.
  • Choose the currency in which the transfer should be made.
  • Press the "Enter" button.
  • Choose the method of replenishment — Cryptex codes 0%. If it is a cryptocurrency, there is a corresponding tab on the card.
  • In the field designed for this purpose, paste the copied code. It is not recommended to enter the value manually — it is easy to make a mistake.
  • Press the enter button and confirm your decision.

If you received a code, but do not know what currency it contains, just look at the letters after CTX — they denote the currency, for example, USD.

Buying and selling a Cryptex code through an exchanger

Several exchangers officially work with Cryptex codes. Find them with the help of BestChange; go to the site and choose any convenient payment method, whether a bank card or e-wallet.

Once you buy the code, you will receive it in your email and can activate it as described above on the exchange. Crediting, as well as withdrawal, is instantaneous.

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