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Cash in Australian Dollar (AUD)

If you plan on travelling to Australia, cash may be necessary, as exchanging through local ATMs and banks can incur significant fees.

Features of AUD cash

The first official currency of the Commonwealth of Australia was the Australian pound. One thousand nine hundred sixty, the Commonwealth authorities and the Reserve Bank of Australia began introducing a new monetary unit. It took several years to develop the design of notes and coins and the choice of a name. As a result, the Australian dollar, consisting of 100 cents, was born in 1966.

  • Circulating coins with values from 1 to 50 cents and notes with denominations from 1 to 20 dollars appeared. On coins were minted images of local Australian animals, and on banknotes — the portrait of Queen Elizabeth the Second. The 50-cent coin was made of silver, but after a couple of years, this was abandoned — it became unprofitable.
  • In 1973 there was a new banknote with a face value of 50 Australian dollars, 1984 in 100. In the same year, they replaced the one-dollar note with a coin of the same value; four years later, they did the same with two dollars.
  • Since 1988, plastic banknotes have been in circulation. In 1991, 1-cent and 2-cent coins went out of circulation.

The design of other coins remains traditional; it has not changed much since the 60s.

The easiest way to exchange for cash Australian dollars (AUD)

Don't rush to the first exchange office or bank if you need cash in Australia. Visit our website to find the exchange service with the best rate. At the time of writing, you can exchange cryptocurrency for AUD cash or vice versa, but other options may appear.

When the list of exchangers is displayed, each one will have the city where the office is located. You must visit the office to pay and get the funds you need.

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