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BestChange Group has announced the launch of, a powerful online aggregator of digital currency exchangers. It monitors exchange rates and provides the user with a list of websites that offer the most profitable rate for a chosen currency pair. All the exchangers are thoroughly checked, so that swindling is impossible.

Digital money is getting more and more popular these days, since it is considered secure, convenient and more effective than paper money. It also offers new Internet opportunities for both businessmen and consumers - no wonder that the number of digital money users grows steadily. However, there is no unified digital currency, but a number of them (AlertPay, Webmoney, etc.), and for this reason there are a lot of e-currency exchangers in the Internet. But which one offers the most profitable rate for a particular currency pair and charges the lowest commission fee?

Using, an online aggregator of e-currency exchangers, is a simple and time-saving way to find out the answer. It is clearly structured, provides the most up-to-date information and offers only reliable exchangers (even a single customer's complaint excludes an exchanger from the rating lists until the matter is settled). The data updates every 20 seconds.

How does it work?

Thanks to the clear layout of it is extremely easy to work with it. At the left there is a table of currency names for the user to specify source and target currencies; drop-down lists and popular currency pairs can be used for this purpose as well. When the currencies are chosen, presents a list of all trustworthy exchangers that support it, with detailed information about their rates, fees, currency reserves and Business Level. The higher the position, the better the exchange terms!

By default the table shows how much target currency the user will get for one unit of source currency, but it is possible to individualize the data. Type the source amount in the input box of "Calculator" tab to view the conversion results, or vice versa - enter the desired sum in destination currency and learn how much source currency is required.

By the way, if the user has not found a suitable exchange rate immediately, offers the "Notification" service. The aggregator will send a message to e-mail address, ICQ or WMID, when the desired rate is available.

Another useful feature is double exchange calculation. It is meant for cases when a certain currency pair is not supported by the exchangers, or their currency reserves are not sufficient. calculates the most profitable variants of double exchange and generates a clearly arranged rating table, which includes all possible transitional currencies and a detailed description of each exchange scheme.

It should be also noted that keeps statistics on exchange rates. The user can specify any digital currency pair and view the graphs of changes for a certain period of time (from one hour up to one year). It is always useful to be aware of current trends.

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Founded in 2007, BestChange Group is a software company specializing in web development. Its key project is, a powerful online aggregator for digital currency exchangers. Over the whole period of its operation more than 1.5 million exchanges were performed through the aggregator. The average saving for each operation comprised about $2.5.


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