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Wise USD transfer in dollars through the global payment system

Wise is a convenient multifunctional payment system that can issue a bank card and payments in almost all countries.

USD is one of the main currencies demanded among Wise users. Let's tell you about the main features and advantages of the system.

Wise USD functionality

The platform supports more than 50 world currencies. Users have access to such convenient options as:

  • Sending money to most countries is cheaper and faster than through a bank at a favourable exchange rate.
  • Issuing a plastic or virtual card. You can link it to Google Pay/Apple Pay and pay virtually anywhere there are POS terminals or when shopping online.
  • Get your bank account and accept payments in ten different currencies.
  • Storing your funds and instantly converting from one currency to another when needed.

Wise USD is in demand, particularly among those who live abroad and still want to receive their salaries, pensions, and benefits - it is enough to give the sender the details of your card. But even when living in your home country, using this card to pay for purchases in foreign online shops with instant conversion to the recipient's currency at the optimal exchange rate is convenient.

Benefits of the system

It should be noted that working with Wise is as safe as possible. For this purpose, several measures are taken, including:

  • Safekeeping of funds with leading banks.
  • Regular auditing.
  • Two-factor authentication protects the account and transactions from outside interference, even if the password is compromised.
  • Money transfer operator licence.
  • Anti-fraud team to combat fraud and prevent attempts to steal users' funds or identity.

To work with the system requires mandatory identity verification by KYC/AML rules generally accepted in Europe.

Where to exchange Wise USD

Although you can exchange to another currency directly within the system, you need more than this to transfer funds to another payment system, bank or cryptocurrency.

The exchangers listed on our website are ideal for this — select the direction of exchange in the columns on the left and choose the best one by the current exchange rate, minimum amount, reviews or other important indicators for you.

Exchange Wise to e-currencies

On our site you can see the current exchange rates of Wise USD to other electronic payment systems.

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