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Payment system BPay USD

The BPay payment system includes the functionality of sending money transfers to a bank card or account and transfers to almost any country through IntelExpress, RiaMoneyTransfer systems. It supports sending to accounts in the EU, working with Unistream in a convenient, understandable interface with low commissions.

EPS does not work with cryptocurrency due to the relevant order from the National Bank of Moldova, issued in autumn 2022. For the same reason, work with AdvCash, Perfect Money, UMoney, and other electronic systems has been discontinued.

BPay USD functionality

The main features available to users of the electronic payment system include:

  • Money transfers. Supported currencies are USD, RUB, EUR, RON, GBP, TRY, GEL, and UAH. You can send funds to a bank account/card in most countries or receive them in a BPay account. Cash withdrawal is available at cash desks, ATMs and BPay terminals with a zero commission if necessary.
  • Payment for services. A wide range of services can be paid in dollars or other convenient currency. This includes government services (such as kindergarten) and utilities, bank transfers, mobile communications / Internet / TV, electronic money and e-commerce, games and entertainment, vouchers for various projects, beauty and health, loan repayments, concert tickets, etc.
  • Credits. The company cooperates with credit organizations, so you can take a loan by receiving the money in your BPay USD wallet.

The project has a mobile application where you can access the above features along with the site. Replenishment and withdrawal in the system are possible through bank transfers/cards and cash.

Tariffs and limits

BPay USD does not charge fees for opening and maintaining accounts. Replenishment of the wallet through Moldovan terminals and banks is also free.

  • Commission for withdrawal from BPay to a bank account in Moldova 0.9% of the amount.
  • Tariffs for paying for services are individual for each service and are indicated at the time of payment.
  • When replenishing an account or making payments in the amount of 200,000 lei or more in cash, it is necessary to send a document on the origin of funds within ten days.

It should be noted that there are two types of accounts in the system. Wallet Mic opens immediately after registration; this is a simplified account with restrictions (up to 3000 lei on the account, payment for goods/services no more than 3000 lei per month in the equivalent of any currency, including USD). Wallet cel Mare opens after the identification of the client. There are almost no restrictions on it.

To exchange BPay USD on the Internet, you can use exchangers offering a wide range of directions, including those the system does not support (for example, cryptocurrency or AdvCash). Choose the most comfortable course and other conditions with the help of our monitoring.

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