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Indonesian banks and Rupiah (IRD) exchange

There are quite a few banks in Indonesia, which are all managed by the Central Bank of Indonesia (BI). It was founded in 1953 and is responsible for ensuring financial stability in the state, making payments, and regulating monetary policy.

For those considering using the Indonesian rupiah as a means of exchange or payment, we will tell you about the most prominent banks with IDR, where customers open accounts and cards and use the services of loans and deposits.

The best banks in Indonesia


Operated since 1895. Its main specialization is microloans. The company also serves the markets of the USA and neighboring Asian countries. The total number of employees exceeds 67 thousand.

Since the Islamic religion prevails in Indonesia, a whole subsidiary specializes in services that comply with the rules of Shariah — PT Bank BRISyariah. There are other subsidiaries focused on payment assistance.


It has been operating since 1998. It is actively developing and is among the top 3 largest banks in IDR based on deposits, loans and assets. Offers various financial products and services to private and corporate customers. More than 2700+ branches, 13,000+ ATMs, and 2300+ micro-networks have been opened.

The bank controls six subsidiaries and has nearly 38,000 employees. It is headquartered in the capital, Jakarta.


Has been in operation since 1946, so it is one of the oldest banks in the country. It is categorized as a state-owned bank. Provides banking products and services not only in Indonesia but also in the rest of Asia, as well as in New York and Europe.

Negara manages 1200+ branches in the country and 5 branches abroad (Singapore, Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, London). They collectively employ nearly 26,000 people.

Bank Central Asia

Operates since 1955, serving retail and corporate clients, including small/medium enterprises.

In addition to being the leading institution, it has almost 1,000 branches and about 18,000 ATMs. It has approximately 26,000 employees and is headquartered in Jakarta.

CIMB Niaga

Operating since 1955, it is an Indonesian national private bank. Both individuals and businesses can receive services from the bank.

The institution supports 4,300 ATMs and a network of 450 branches nationwide.

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