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Visa/MasterCard cards in Nigerian Naira (NGN)

Apart from residents of the country, bank cards in Nigerian Naira (NGN) are particularly sought after by those who do online business in Nigeria. The banking system in the country is not poorly developed; major banking institutions deal with residents and non-residents.

Which banks issue Visa/MasterCard NGN cards

Examples of central banks that provide this type of service.

First City Monument Bank

FCMB is a financial services holding company headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria's largest city. Among other things, it provides services to Nigerians living outside the country, including lucrative investment opportunities.

You can open a savings account, a service available only to individuals. Immediately after opening an account, ordering a bank card issue from NGN is possible.

United Bank for Africa Plc (UBA)

Offers banking solutions, including for non-residents, with a wide range of products and services domestically and internationally. UBA cards are widely accepted online by suppliers of goods and services. Each holder has access to an online portal to track their transactions.

The choice is to issue a personalized name card or a generic card. The process is straightforward. Such cards are readily accepted in international online services such as Amazon, Namecheap, Flippa, 2CheckOut.

Zenith Bank

Offers several types of cards in NGN. Zenith Bank's virtual card is specially designed for online transactions and can be used for shopping, paying bills, purchasing subscriptions, etc. Visiting a branch is unnecessary; you can get a virtual card through online banking.

Zenith Bank's MasterCard and Visa debit cards provide access to current and savings accounts, allow you to make cashless purchases anywhere in the world and withdraw cash from ATMs. A range of classic, gold and platinum debit cards are available for every need.

Systems for issuing virtual cards in the Nigerian Naira (NGN)

It is possible to issue Visa/MasterCard NGN in virtual format through designated payment systems as well as banks, such as:

  • Graphcard
  • GTB MasterCard
  • WorldPay
  • UBA Visa Visa Africard

For example, Graphcard provides instant issuance of the card, low cost of distribution (from 4.99 USD), round-the-clock technical support for users. Internet marketers actively use these cards to withdraw earnings from affiliate programmes.

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