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PaySafeCard instant payments with pre-paid cards

PaySafeCard is a payment service from Austria founded long ago – in 2000. It offers pre-paid cards one can use for making instant payments. That is a very easy-to-use system with the simplest interface on market. Lots of people prefer PaySafeCard because they don't have to learn how to work with e-wallets, online accounts and other things.

PaySafeCard is all about pre-paid cards which are also called "vouchers". You get a plastic card with a certain amount of money and you can then use it for buying goods or services online. The best thing is that even if you have a EUR pre-paid card you can still use it for payments in other currencies – PaySafeCard supports more than 20 national currencies today. Exchange rates used in currency conversion are rather fair.

A couple of years ago PaySafeCard presented themselves as a European company providing services mainly for the European market. Now everything has changed. There are 27 PaySafeCard offices all around the world including South America and Asia. Without a doubt PaySafeCard is a well-established international payment service which is worth considering. They have transparent terms of use and offer great opportunities for instant buyers.


There is no simpler online payment service than PaySafeCard. It works as follows – you buy a plastic card or a voucher that has a unique code hidden under a scratch off sticker. Having it you can spend the money instantly. PaySafeCard offers several denomination – 10, 25, 50, 75 and 100 EUR/USD/GDP. As we have already mentioned you can make purchases in any other currency – automatic conversion will be applied in this case.

PaySafeCard website is fully localized into more than 40 languages which makes the service look well-established and credible. The website interface is tremendous – you will quickly get all the needed info regardless of what page you are in right now. For example, you can find sales outlets in your area or read more about how to use pre-paid cards.

People who are interested in online purchasing, sports betting, online dating and all those online things requiring instant payments can benefit a lot with PaySafeCard. You don't have to create an account, fill in registration forms or to learn how to work with your new e-wallet. Just scratch the label off and use the PIN-code on your pre-paid card for making online payments.

By the way, if you have digital wallets (for example, a Scrill wallet) you can easily top it up with a PaySafeCard pre-paid card. Therefore PaySafeCard could be a great tool for e-wallet owners too.

Security and confidentiality are top priorities for PaySafeCard. This service guarantees the best possible level of anonymity for your online payments. PaySafeCards has been operating for more than 15 years and there have never been any issues with security. Actually, the system itself is built in a way that excludes any possibility of personal or financial information disclosure.

All PaySafeCard pre-paid cards have unlimited term. They never get expired and you may use any of them ever few years after the purchase. But there is a very important thing – if you do not use a card within a month 2 EUR/USD/GDP will be charged after 30 days. Therefore 2 USD/EUR/GDP are taken fro, an unused pre-paid card every month. Please keep that in mind in order to avoid misunderstanding and disappointment.

Andoid and iOS apps from PaySafeCard will be useful for any pre-paid card owner. There you can check the balance left, see where and what amount of money was spent and so on. If you are going to work with PaySafeCard on the regular basis we recommend you to install an app to your mobile device. Unfortunately, there is no application for Windows Phone and probably they will not develop it since this platform remains quite unpopular.

How to buy a pre-paid card

Buying a pre-paid card from PaySafeCard is easier that you think. It actually doesn't matter that much where you are located as PaySafeCard outlets are available in nearly all parts of the world. Check their official website to find the closest outlet – there are more than 5000 outlets scattered around dozens of countries.

Furthermore, you can get the list of official PaySafeCard distributors on their official website. Typically they are chain stores, supermarkets, gas stations and many other organizations. Even if you don't have a dedicated outlet in your area you may always get a pre-paid car from one of such distributors.

Finally, if there are no outlets and distributors around you according to the PaySafeCard website – don't give up! There are lots of local resellers in any country and you may find them on the Internet. Usually they offer postal or even courier delivery right to your door.


Having a pre-paid voucher from PaySafeCard can help a lot those people who often spend money online and need to pay instantly. For example, you suddenly find out and information about a soccer game where you could earn by betting against one of the teams. PaySafeCard will be an ideal solution here – the payment will take less than a minute.

The same concerns the people who regularly buy goods online. The majority of online stores accept PaySafeCard vouchers and you can purchase an item you like with a pre-paid card. Such a payment method saves much time to users who don't have e-wallets and who do not plan to have any.

The system of PaySafeCard considers total anonymity. You will not need to share any of your personal data. It means that your payments will be untraceable for third parties.

Of course, there are some drawbacks depending on what purpose you have. PaySafeCard cannot replace a full-fledged electronic wallet and it doesn't allow to send money directly to other people. It makes no sense to buy a pre-paid card from PaySafeCard and keep it unused as you will be losing money every month. It's worth remembering that PaySafeCard is a service created for quick use and instant payments.

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