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E-Dinar Coin A Young Eco-Currency with Centuries-Long History

Dinar is a very old fiat currency – its history began in the Ancient Rome and moved on in the Middle East. The founder of E-Dinar Coin Charles Cheng undoubtedly chose such a name for its project willing to make it symbolic.

As you may know Charles Cheng is a famous businessman and philanthropist who had been trying to create something global for quite a long time before he decided to try with E-Dinar Coin.

According to Cheng's words he wanted to launch a new electronic currency which will be the most stable one due to binding to USD. Well, that's hard to call such an idea innovative, but it's a reasonable plan anyway.

Developers of EDR Coin didn't want to reinvent the wheel and waste too much time on creating a proprietary blockchain. After brief consideration Cheng and his team made a choice in the favor of Bitcoin code and blockchain which are now the core of E-Dinar Coin system. Of course, they didn't merely take the code – they changed it and improved the things that needed to be updated.

Cheng claims his EDR Coin is safer than Bitcoin but only if a user follows obligatory rules – such as using long and difficult password and double authentication.

You are probably curious about why E-Dinar Coin is called an "Eco" currency. The thing is that in order to mine EDR Coin people use solar batteries. It means that miners consume only the energy produced by solar batteries and thus avoid bringing harm to the environment. As we know mining takes much energy and Charles Cheng wanted to develop an eco-friendly solution.

Solar farms for EDR Coin mining are scattered around the Earth – they are located in Asia, Europe, Australia, Northern America etc. A significant part of E-Dinar Coin profit is spent on forests regeneration all around the world and building of new solar farms.

Advantages of E-Dinar Coin

In additional to eco-friendliness EDR Coin mining is also more energy effective for a miner as well – the technology proof-of-stake used in E-Dinar Coin appears to consume much less energy than proof-of-work used by Bitcoin. Therefore mining of EDR Coin is cheap as well as internal transactions among users. Moreover, users don't suffer from that "rule of 51%" typical for Bitcoin taking 51% of PC capacity.

Investments in E-Dinar Coin already exceed 10 million US dollars. There are more than 180 000 users already and it's a great time to join them. The new cryptocurrency proved to be not too volatile. It is certainly worth attention from the traders who are looking for new prospective assets.

From the launch in August, 2016 EDR Coin fell abruptly and then went up many times. Today – in the beginning of March – it's in the lowest position again. It costs less than 0.00025 BTC and if you are thinking about purchasing certain amount of a new cryptocurrency we suggest you doing it now.

In general E-Dinar has all the advantages typical for any established cryptocurrency – high level of anonymity, instant transactions and so on. It's a convenient tool for both buying things online and sending/receiving money from other people. Finally, you can use E-Dinar Coin as an investment which is bought for less and sold for more.

Many online stores and exchanges support E-Dinar Coin due to easy API installation – thanks EDR developers, they did really great job. The commission for internal transactions is very small (0.1 EDC only) and typically a transaction takes about 5-7 seconds only!

E-Dinar Coin system has a great website localized into more than 15 languages. The interface is very simple – you won't have to spend much time on creating a wallet and understanding how it all works. And if there are any issues with the service customer support agents will help you out in no time! They always respond quickly and provide helpful information and that is another asset of E-Dinar Coin.

An application for working with E-Dinar Coin wallets is available for all major operation systems including Android, Windows, OS X, Linux and others. Mobile apps are fully functional and secure.

Finally we would like to note that despite E-Dinar Coin is not a revolutionary cryptocurrency it is obviously a very well balanced electronic payment tool with huge potential. We bet that even if EDR Coin does not get to the top it will hardly bring any big money loss to its investors. Actually, there are good reasons for future growth of EDR Coin – Charles Cheng told that the number of coins is limited and mining will go on until the end of the year 2017.

It means that the total number of E-Dinar Coins depends only on the activity of users – there are no quantity limits for mining. After the mining is closed Charles Cheng is planning to launch IPO for his cryptocurrency in order to attract additional investments. After it the cost of EDR Coins will be determined by global economic factors like demand and supply etc. In other words the nearest future (the year 2017, to be precise) is the only more or less predictable time frame. A lot can be done within this period!


Let's be honest – E-Dinar is not just a new cryptocurrency or electronic coin. It's rather a new concept which organically combines a grand idea and technically perfect implementation. It's a very specific payment tool which should be considered from both points mentioned.

Experienced traders are very optimistic about E-Dinar Coin even in spite of the fact that its exchange rate has been rather poor recently – the game is far from over yet as many new coins will be generated (mined) before the end of 2017. Therefore one could benefit a lot from E-Dinar.

EDR is also a convenient solution for online payments – more and more stores accept it. With the future IPO this cryptocurrency will become even more solid regardless of its cost. Right now they keep up very fast pace in their cryptocurrency development and if they manage to keep it in future they will succeed.

E-Dinar Coin is an eco-friendly, secure, fast and incredibly attractive solution for both investing and every day use.

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