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Country: Estonia
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Shota 92.51.86.* (June 25, 2017 | 23:18)
Very bad service and awful support, could not get to their minds that things may not always go as described by their stupid procedures. I think they just do not want to have customers...
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Tim 94.240.220.* (May 28, 2016 | 22:28)
Just don't use them. One of the worst online services in my life and possible scam. Sorry, very long story and very short nerves to tell.

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Raha Tegija 90.191.152.* (July 17, 2014 | 16:08)
Sent $5.54 directly from Payeer to PerfectMoney, received $5.12 within few minutes, thanks! Good service! :)
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kapetan 178.79.23.* (March 11, 2014 | 18:43)
I try wire transfer without success
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Delfino 82.136.111.* (January 11, 2014 | 15:36)
This site is trustable, i did over 3 exchanges there and received money within minutes after egopay approved my transaction
I tried Egopay to PerfectMoney, Egopay to PayPal and Egopay to Mastercard. All worked without problems and were paid within 1 day because of egopay.
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tanvir tanim ali 5.152.213.* (November 24, 2013 | 11:22)
they're scammer.
they scam me for only 2 dollar !

in my bank account i can see the accepted status but they don't answer to my tickets. they don't deliver my money.

and they just say ok we will check .

they are scammer. don't trust them when they eat only 2$ very easily and they have weak support how they are for large amounts??
thanks god that i didn't place order for 50$.
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Admin Payeer (November 24, 2013 | 14:08)
LOL. spam deleted.
Claim cancelled
tanvir tanim ali (November 24, 2013 | 15:17)
beside of scamming you are a lier too , but not a good lier, you called my post as spam .

Transaction ID: 3435837

Subject: order id 3435837
hello , i don't received this order: 3435837 . here is the transaction id in my bank account: 200385028129346 after paying via liqpay payment i stock in a page with this link:

please check and process my payment. this money has been reduced from my bank account.

their answer:

on your screenshot status pending

i know that but even pending status means money has been transfered to your account.
you should check your liqpay account.

i received the transactions sms from liqpay too.

please check with liqpay and process this payment.

thank you very much.

their answer:

Please contact support, they cancel your payment or it is in a status of "wait verification»


dear support it is not my job to contacting liqpay , you are the merchant and you should contact to your payment gateway(liqpay) not me!

please contact liqpay and if you need to verify me i can to everything you like cuz i am the owner of this card.
also i get verified in liqpay payment with this phone number:

this is only 2 $ what will be happen if people placing more than 2$ orders?!

their answer:


me(after 3-4 days):

hey guys what happened to my money ???
is there anybody to tell me what happened to this 2 $???

i can see the new status in my bank account:accepted

now you ignore this?


next time i will send the screen shot of everything , so be careful of calling some one spammer.